Principal's Desk

Principal's Message

Education is considered to be the biggest tool for solving practical problems of life and for social changes. The teacher is considered to be the main source of origin of education. Teachers have a contribution in the root of all the revolutionary changes, movements, creation and destruction taking place in the society. That is why in Indian culture, the teacher has been considered equivalent to Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It is the teacher who gives birth to warriors who fight the problems of every age and thinkers who present their solutions. It can be said that a teacher is a hero of his own kind and makes the common people aware about the issues and challenges since ancient times.

Preparing ideal and nation building teachers has always been a challenging task for the society and Devbhumi Institute of Professional Education has been continuously doing this challenging task with new dimensions since the year 2005-06. History is witness to the fact that great emperors like Chandragupta were the product of teachers like Chanakya.

Our institute is one of the prestigious institutes of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand which is known throughout Uttarakhand for its dignified traditions, glorious history and its high educational ideals. The institute welcomes and congratulates those students who are interested in the field of teacher training and who, through this field want to engage in themselves human service, social service and country service and who lead world in the direction of creativity and wishes for their bright and prosperous future.